Theoretical Physics

2 February 2015
Time: 15:00 to 16:00

Joshua Nunn (Oxford)

Quantum memories for light based on Raman scattering

Quantum technologies could revolutionise computing, communications, and sensing. Optics is a powerful platform for processing quantum information, since optical modes are noise-free at room temperature; can be manipulated with cheap passive components; can be carried over long distances in free space and in fibres; and can carry THz bandwidths. But logic operations with photons are inherently probabilistic, so that the technology cannot be scaled up without a multiplexing strategy to actively synchronise components. We have developed quantum memories based on Raman scattering that enable the coherent storage and on-demand retrieval of photons. I will discuss progress towards the goal of using Raman memories to enable large-scale quantum photonic processors.



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