Theoretical Physics

25 November 2014
Time: 16:00 to 17:00
Location: E C Stoner SR 9.90

​Courtney Brell (Sydney, Australia)

Self-correcting stabilizer quantum memories in 3 dimensions (or slightly less)

Self-correcting quantum memories are systems that allow for the long-term storage of quantum information without the need for active error-correction, in analogy to a classical hard drive. We propose a family of local CSS stabilizer codes in 3D as candidates for self correcting quantum memories. The construction is inspired by the classical Ising model on a Sierpinski carpet fractal, which acts as a classical self-correcting memory. Our models are naturally de fined on fractal subsets of a 4D hypercubic lattice which may be embedded into 3-space with finite distortion. The X and Z sectors of the code are dual to one another, and we show that there exists a finite temperature phase transition associated with each of these sectors, providing evidence that the system may robustly store quantum information at finite temperature.



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