Theoretical Physics

6 February 2015
Time: 10:00 to 00:44
Location: Theoretical Physics Corridor

Ville Lahtinen (Freie Universitat Berlin)

so(N)_1 criticality in generalized cluster models

We show that generalized 1D cluster models -- local, translationally invariant and exactly solvable spin-1/2 models exhibiting symmetry protected topological order -- exhibit exotic so(N)_1 critical points when perturbed with Ising or Zeeman terms. Employing spin dualities, we show that all cluster models are equivalent to non-locally coupled system of transverse field Ising chains. We show how this duality fits into a general framework of condensate-induced transitions between topologically ordered phases and discuss how the framework can be employed to derive further new spin models with on-demand exotic critical points.



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