Theoretical Physics

Research interests

Topological Quantum Computation.
Here is some useful material related to topological quantum computation:
Lectures on Topological Quantum Computation by Jiannis K. Pachos at Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow August 2012: Lecture 1, Lecture 2
Recent talk at MIT on cold atom simulations of quantum field theories
Recent talk at CALTECH & Station Q on topological quantum memories
PhD thesis of Dr Ville Lahtinen.
PhD thesis of Dr James Wootton.
Introduction to Topological Quantum Computation, by Jiannis K. Pachos. Based on lectures given at QIP 2010, ETH, Zurich.
Kitaev talk on the Honeycomb lattice model (with audio and webcam).
Pachos talk on The wave function of an anyon (with audio and webcam).
Preskill's lecture notes on Topological Quantum Computation.
Manifestations of topological effects in graphene, Jiannis K. Pachos, Contemporary Physics 50, 375-389 (2009)

Quantum information and optical lattices

Quantum information for many particle and condensed matter systems

Geometrical quantum evolutions